Looking for the Bright Spots

With more and more people asking tough questions about the industries that have come to light by being labeled “essential.” The meat industry, specifically the packer side of things, has come under some significant scrutiny. We will have to wait and see what happens, but it is incredible what people see once you start shining a little light on specific industries.

Passionate and Persistent

I challenge all of you young people to never give up. Whether it be in school, the show ring, and most importantly, in this beautiful life. Parents, push your kids and teach them to never give up because life is all too short to give up when times become hard.

Just a Class

As we grow older, the decisions we make tend to have more consequences, so being able to confident stand behind a choice makes thing a little bit easier. Yet, when we make the wrong choice sometimes, we must own up and admit that was the case. Even still, no matter the setting it’s just a class, so learn from it, grow from it, and be ready to succeed when a similar situation arises in the future.

Celebrating 50 Years in North America

Congratulations to the Limousin breed for celebrating their 50th year in North America. The year was 1968 when the first Limousin Genetics were imported to Canada, who would have predicted this fresh continental breed would have such a huge impact in the upcoming fifty years of American beef production, influencing millions of pounds of marketed beef.

New Beginnings

Put your best foot forward to get the job done, even when it may seem intimidating.

Faith, Hope, and More Faith

Along with learning to not plan so much, I’ve been able to slow down and really try to concentrate on the “here and now”. I think in the fast paced and ever-changing world we live in, this often gets passed by.

The First Step

While pursuing any of your goals or passions, I challenge you to always remember that the most important step in the process, is the first step. A person can accomplish all things if they are willing to initiate something and follow through with dedication and perseverance.

A Look Back at Limousin

The 1980’s… 1980 First Junior Limousin Show held at National Western Stock Show Lori Leonard crowned Limousin Queen Indiana forms Junior Limousin Association First Limousin Open Show held at NAILE Louisiana forms State Limousin Association 1981 First time the National Limousin Sale was held “On the Hill” at National Western Stock Show First Open Limousin…

A Look Back at Limousin

The 1970’s…. 1970 Bob Purdy serves as NALF President NALF membership increased to 85 Founder Members and 25 Active Members 1971 Oklahoma forms State Limousin Association Texas forms State Limousin Association South Dakota forms State Limousin Association Washington forms State Limousin Association Nebraska forms State Limousin Association Montana forms State Limousin Association Southeastern states (Florida,…

A Look Back at Limousin

The Beginnings… May 6, 1968 A preliminary meeting was held to discuss the feasibility of the Foundation plan- The first 5 Founding Members came from this meeting Founder Member 1: Bob Purdy, Wyoming Founder Member 2: Charlie Moore, Iowa Founder Member 3: Bruce Waddle, Colorado Founder Member 4: Sherm Ewing, Canada Founder Member 5: James Scott, Colorado…