Be Good. Do Good.

Written by: Riley Smith, NALJA Treasurer

Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone, and the new one is upon us. I’d like to say it’s time to slow down, but I’d be in the wrong because calving season is upon us, and many spring bull sales are quickly approaching. If I had to guess, 2023 will fly by quickly too, but I hope it’s packed with fun, personal success and love for all of you.

The hot topic in the barn is often centered around who the new and upcoming sire candidates are. What he’s sired by himself, what recent successful show heifer he might be out of, and what everyone thinks his progeny ought to look like are all things we consider as breeders. Management obviously plays into what a bull looks like himself, but through reading pedigrees and EPD profiles, I like to make an educated guess on what he can do if mated a certain way. It’s a game where you always try to be one step ahead of the competition. As progressive as I like to be, however, and need to be, for that matter, there’s always a handful of proven bulls that rarely miss. These well-known sires, although maybe older and already heavily used, always stamp their offspring with consistency. Whether the bull can make good-looking, nice-haired heifers for the show ring or stout bulls with great carcass traits, you can expect where his sire group’s strengths will be and plan accordingly. You cattlemen and cattlewomen know what I’m talking about, right?!

As people, I think we can be “proven.” We can always do the right thing. We can always work on making our surroundings a better environment. We can try to improve things for the benefit of those we love. When you do good repetitively, you can build a great reputation, and those around you can count on your responsibility. Before you know it, you’ll form several good habits, and you’ll be just like that bull who never misses. Be proven today and every day by consistently pouring your heart into your works and completing them.

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