What will you do “With Limousin?”

Written By: Wiley Fanta, NALJA Director

The Limousin breed provides a culture of opportunities that I have personally benefited from. It is without a doubt that the Limousin breed has and continues to be the “home” to many industry-leading professionals. Many of the best breeders, feeders, herdsmen, and marketeers have deep roots and humble beginnings in the Limousin breed. These individuals have developed their talents that have been further used in the Limousin circle and have reached greatly beyond the limits of one cattle breed, affecting many facets of US beef production.

If you are in search of next year’s project, take a close look at purchasing a Limousin animal. Aside from their phenotypical and genetic advantages, you are investing in a breed that is committed to developing your industry knowledge. From experience, there is a network of breeders and fellow junior exhibitors, near and far, that are more than willing to answer the call to advise you with your Limousin project.

In addition, if you’re looking for a fun Junior National experience, the Limousin breed hosts one of the most competitive summer events in the nation. You will be guaranteed to experience a welcoming environment that is appreciated by all exhibitors in attendance. Quality livestock is not the only thing to be found at Junior Nationals. You can participate in our host of satellite events that are designed to improve and test your industry knowledge. From livestock evaluation and herdsmanship practices, to photography and design, we have industry-relevant contests to keep you busy all week long.

For the month of August, I was tasked with creating NALJA social media outreach. I created a series of weekly posts all utilizing one word. The words I chose to use were Grow, Learn, Lead, Persevere, Build, Inspire, Fun, Dream, Improve, Achieve, Partner, and Succeed. These words were then followed by “With Limousin.” These are things that I feel are possible to achieve with involvement in the Limousin breed. The goal was to promote our Junior Association and the opportunities that it has gifted young cattle enthusiasts across the country.

My goal of this article is to share why, as a young person, you should get involved with the Limousin breed. Not from data or metrics that are hard evidence of the benefits of this particular cattle breed, but from my personal experience in the Limousin community. Know that when purchasing a Limousin project, you are not just getting an animal, you are entering a network of people that want to help you succeed.

So, my question for you is… What will you do “With Limousin?”

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