Celebrating 50 Years in North America

Written By: Wiley Fanta, NALJA Director

Congratulations to the Limousin breed for celebrating their 50th year in North America. The year was 1968 when the first Limousin Genetics were imported to Canada, who would have predicted this fresh continental breed would have such a huge impact in the upcoming fifty years of American beef production, influencing millions of pounds of marketed beef. Limousin cattle quickly became favored by cattlemen and packers. In the past fifty years countless Limousin and Limousin influence calves have consistently been recorded as having added growth and performance for producers, efficiently converting feed to red meat naturally for feeders, and for hanging a high yielding quality carcass that packers prefer to harvest.

Wiley exhibited the Canadian National Champion Female at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Wiley fitting his animal during Senior Showmanship Finals at NJLSC

Progressive adaptation from Limousin breeders can be appreciated and realized when studying Limousin archives. This necessary progression included targeting black hides, selectively breeding for polled genetics, and adjusting the breed phenotype, from when the first imported genetics were introduced to North America, to better fit our development practices and preferences. Current highlighted genetics on the market today are evidence of meticulous mating decisions that are designed for current North America beef production.

So what can we predict the next fifty years of the breed to look like?

I believe, with the introduction of genomic testing and more avid data collection, we are positioned to make greater strides when targeting specific traits to fit future markets.

Wiley participating with fellow juniors in the NJLSC Tenderfoot Program

With Increased pressure for efficient, sustainable beef production, our cattle could assume a lead role in the next fifty years of the cattle industry. In the next fifty years many operations that take advantage of Limousin benefits will be introducing the next generation of leadership that are currently members of the North American Limousin Junior Association.

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