New Beginnings

Written By: Tristan Gulotta, NALJA Director

Tristan assisting juniors in the ring at NJLSC

I hope everyone is just as excited for the upcoming fall weather as I am, but this also means school has started back again. I have started school at Southeastern Louisiana University where I am majoring in Physics. After my first year, I will be transferring to Louisiana State University where I will then major in Environmental Engineering. After four years in this study, I will then continue my education in hopes to receive my master’s.

Transitioning from high school to college may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools, you can help yourself be successful. Making sure everything is complete is a top priority that will have to be strictly enforced by yourself so you do not fall behind. Responsibility plays a big part in knowing when to stop all the fun you are having and get into the books and do your job as a student. Put your best foot forward to get the job done, even when it may seem intimidating.

College will bring new changes and challenges, but it is an important part of growing as a person.  Just like this will be a big change for me, everyone has to overcome new situations and circumstances that are scary at first, but will ultimately help them in one aspect of life or another. Remembering the “big picture” during times like these helps deal with tribulations.

Colt Schrader and Tristan running the Carcass contest at NJLSC

New beginnings are always tough to overcome, but by doing your job to do the absolute best, anything is possible. Taking responsibility and ownership of mistakes will help you see what can be improved about yourself, and find ways to tweak the problem and find a solution. Do not be scared of starting something new, but embrace it and try your absolute best to show everyone you can and will do it!

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