Riley Smith: Junior Herdsman of the Year

Riley’s love for this great breed derived from the relationships he made with the people in the breed, even more so than just the strengths of Limousin cattle.


Change – it is inevitable, and it is against human nature to accept it. Change is not defined as an event, but it is defined as a psychological experience and that is what makes it so difficult to accept. Change is always inevitable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Now I’m wrapping up my first year on the board and have loved every second of it. So, if I had any piece of advice to give a junior, it would be to step out of your comfort zone. Join that judging team, be the friend, take the leap. You never know what life is going to throw your way. When you have the chance, take it. It might be the best decision of your life. I hope everyone has a good summer, and I can’t wait to see y’all in Amarillo at the Texas Two Step!

Get Involved at Junior Nationals

There are many different satellite events that your Junior Board offers at the NJLSC, whichever ones you choose, I hope that you have a fun week on your family vacation in Amarillo, Texas this summer. Every year, we strive to make it the best that it can be with the exhibitors being our first thought in mind. As an exhibitor myself, I truly feel that being involved as much as I can he has led me to be the person I am today. I can’t wait to see you in Amarillo this summer!

Keep Carrying on the Limi Tradition

I hope everyone is also branching out to the numerous Limousin sales that are coming up in the next few months across the country. I am sure all these sales will have good livestock for folks to find to grow their herd and continue to carry the Limi Tradition. I am glad to see the breed growing interest across the country as it is here in my home state.

Make the Most of Each Day

Nevertheless, there are many instances in life where at first, we may not succeed but in a second, third, or fourth attempt we may see better results. Usually, those results are directly correlated to us learning from previous mistakes. So, while I may not be showing as a junior, now its challenges I face with work, graduate school, or breeding and raising cattle, just to name a few. And that is why I think it is important to be involved in a breed association and to exhibit livestock.

Rise Above

At least once in our lifetime we will be on our knees, beat down and just wanting to give up, however, we must find that strength to rise and keep pushing forward. If you get bucked off, we get back in that saddle and ride again.

Finding Your True Gifts

What is a gift? A gift could be something that you give someone, like a birthday or Christmas gift. It could be a natural talent or ability that you possess, such as playing a musical instrument or showing cattle. Or a gift could also be something you cherish, such as the gift of friendship.

Focus on the Here and Now

I challenge you to sit back with a positive mindset and think of how the small things you’ve completed in the past have helped you attain the big things you now possess. Keep an end goal in mind and put your nose down and work on the things you need to do to get there! 

Simis to Limis: Paige Peine’s Success Saga

A longtime herdsman of Simmental cattle Paige Peine already had quite the repertoire in the cattle industry. So, what would make a lifetime Simmental producer jump the fence? High quality Limousin cattle.