Keep Carrying on the Limi Tradition

Written By: Brady Edge, NALJA Director

Hello everyone, Brady Edge here. I am a sophomore at Iowa State University, and I am studying Ag Business for a major and Feed Technology as a minor. While we are primarily Red Angus Breeders, we have begun to use a large amount of Limousin genetics in our herd. This is a great way to progress our cattle, in my opinion, and gives our operation another useful grouping.

I am sure like us, many of you have been calving cows, but I know around us the jackpot shows are flaring up too. This is something I personally look forward to. The IJBBA circuit is a big deal here in Iowa where there are essentially shows every weekend until the end of June. Our first one was the Beef Expo in Des Moines, which is always a crowd favorite. These shows are always fun for me to go and help families with their calves. Although I am not showing anything at these shows it is easy for me to get to those shows.

I hope everyone has also been branching out to the numerous Limousin sales that have been going on the past couple months across the country. I am sure all these sales have had good livestock for folks to find to grow their herd and continue to carry the Limi Tradition. I am glad to see the breed growing interest across the country as it is here in my home state.

I hope everyone has a blessed spring and I am sure I will see some of you at the Heartland Show that is going to be held in Afton, Iowa. If not there I will see many of you in Amarillo, Texas at the Texas Two Step!

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