Simis to Limis: Paige Peine’s Success Saga

A longtime herdsman of Simmental cattle Paige Peine already had quite the repertoire in the cattle industry. So, what would make a lifetime Simmental producer jump the fence? High quality Limousin cattle.

When the opportunity to purchase a quality Limousin heifer from Chris Herman arose Paige and her family decided to dive in and try their hand at a new breed.

“We’ve been going to a lot of shows. She’s ranked second overall heifer in the North Star point series in Minnesota,” says Paige.

With a packed schedule of shows Paige and her Limousin heifer are getting noticed, inside and outside the ring. From multiple champion banners to their second place ranking Paige and her heifer are proving forces to be reckoned with.

Coming from a Simmental background making the switch to a new breed was not always on the radar. But when Paige and her family saw the Limousin heifer raised by the Herman family they knew they had taken the chance.

“Their support is great; they were a little sad when we bought her, but I love how much they support me in the point series. They always come to cheer me on,” says Paige.

At 22 years old Paige has a lengthy resume in the show ring. With hands on a lead since she was eight Paige has been able to take advantage of many opportunities in the industry. A 2020 graduate of Iowa State University with an Animal Science degree she knew her career passion was in the cattle world. She has landed with Sullivan’s with a career in their show barn.

She says, “I am excited to expand my knowledge and make new connections.”

Of all the show ring moments to be proud of Paige reminisces that her favorite accomplishment has to be how many times her Limousin heifer has been in the top 5 overall. Being a consistent winner can prove difficult sometimes, but the continued success of this Limousin heifer has prompted a look to the future.

Paige will continue her involvement with the Limousin breed by starting her own Lim-Flex herd out of this heifer. The success she has seen in the show ring is the product of outstanding genetics that will lead to an outstanding herd in the future.

Being successful outside of the show ring can be attributed to Paige’s hard work in the industry. Positive habits of high achievers are habits that are often learned from an early age with show stock exhibitors. Through all of her success Paige has continued to expand her knowledge and continue growing as a person, exhibitor, and employee.

“If there is an opportunity that comes to you, take it. Get out and meet new people,” says Paige.

Solid advice coming from the experience she has gained by opening doors with the Limousin breed. Paige’s parents, Mike and Lori Peine proudly travel to watch on as their daughter works side by side with her brothers, Briggs and Beau, sister-in-law Jill, and niece Lauren to make the success a family affair. While there is one person in the show ring, the real work is done with a team of dedicated supporters, which Paige emphasizes is a large contribution to her success.

As a motivated exhibitor for the breed Paige brings a bright face to advocacy of the future of Limousin in the industry.

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