Stay Resilient

Written By: Clayton Schowe, NALJA Ex-Officio

Hello all! Many of you are getting back into school routines and it seems like just yesterday I was still in high school. For now, schooling is not a part of my daily schedule. Thankfully for those in school, things are looking more “normal” at the start of this academic year than they may have this time last year. 

Now, instead of waking up and getting ready for classes, it is the calves needing to be fed, cows being checked, and a magnitude of other chores that fill my day. Life here in Maryland has been good to me so far. Things are extra busy this time of the year. Fall cows are starting to calve, sale calves are being weaned, broke, and prepped for the TASF annual Halloween Hunnies, and show cattle are getting back in their routine as our first fall major will be here in a month. No doubt, I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t miss my time in Ames at school, however work has been a nice change of pace. While it is no longer assignments and exams, I have filling up my schedule, I still find myself being tested daily.

In the real-world people are tested daily. In agriculture in particular, many farmers and ranchers have been tested to the max this year. No, not all because of COVID, but instead a finicky Mother Nature throwing all types of weather at us. Drought, fire, wind, or rain, depending on where you’re located. It is inevitable that the weather has made you scratch your head in the morning and wonder, “Now what?” And once again the lessons and hardships we encounter and learn from prevail. Perseverance, determination, grit, and problem solving all come to mind. At the end of the day, it is the passion and love for what we do.  “So, God made a farmer,” am I right? Cody Jinks may say it best in his song, “It’s been a too long time with no peace of mind, I’m ready for the times to get better.” 

While it may be a challenge some days, all one can do is wake up and make the most of the hand they are dealt. If we collectively can all do just that, time will in theory, be better.

I’d be remiss if I did not at least reflect on the summer NALJA had. Myself, along with my fellow past, and present board of directors would first and foremost like to say, “Thank You!” Thank you to anyone who had a hand in making the American Showdown a tremendous event where memories were made to hopefully last lots of us a lifetime. Personally, I am thankful to be a part of a breed association that offers a true family-like atmosphere. We hope to continue with what we feel is an upward trend for our annual National Junior Limousin Show and Congress. No doubt the board works to make things the best we can!

As I transition into my new role of Ex-Officio, I am thankful to still be able to serve an association that has given so much to me as an individual. While I may no longer be a “junior,” my passion for this breed has not waivered. In a few weeks the rest of the board and I will convene for our annual fall board meeting in September. The NALJA board has already begun to line things out for the next year and start planning, with the hope of becoming even better.  Be on the lookout for our Credit for Kids fundraising sale. Remember to never veer from a challenge, when presented with a test, never back down and give it your all. Stay resilient and make the most of every day because, “Changes are comin’, no doubt.”

“Make each day your masterpiece.”

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

-John Wooden

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