The “Show Family”

Written By: Callie Hicks, Director

This article originally appeared in the August issue of Limousin Today

Growing up in the show world there are individuals that are your second moms and dads, an extra set of hands in the stalls, or a given babysitter for younger kids. This is what many call our show family. It’s the set of people you cannot imagine being without at a show. Whether it be your local county show friends or those all the way across the nation, these connections tend to be the most important.IMG_7353.JPG

In the future your show family may help find your next animal, or your next job. The most important thing our show families give us is constant support and encouragement. However, for those that are like me getting older is sad. Certain members of your show family start to age out or merge into other breeds. But events like the National Junior Limousin Show and Congress allow for the show family to expand constantly.


Thankfully, I have been fortunate enough to keep adding to my show family throughout the years. With each new year at Junior Nationals we meet new people that become part of our family and each year the parting of ways at the conclusion of junior nationals doesn’t get any easier. However, the goodbye is not for long and is simply an “I’ll see you again”.

IMG_7499These shows and show families can be the gateway to a future within the industry. My show family has given me a passion for photography and the constant encouragement to pursue this passion. I encourage you to make connections throughout your time within the cattle industry and keep those connections as you progress in life. For those of you who are aging out, show those younger members of your show family the support and encouragement they need. Always remember, there is someone somewhere who looks up to you, make sure you are setting the right example.


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