Unconventional Show Box Item

I’m sure you are starting to get things ready for junior nationals, as well as making sure everything is in your show box. We always make sure that there are the necessities, but what is something that you always keep in your show box that may be unconventional? We asked the Junior Board what an unconventional item that they must put in their show box before leaving for a show…

Ethan must always have hot sauce.

Callie always keeps 70% alcohol in her show box.

Randa always has a snack bag.

Dominic keep playing cards in his show box.

Aaron never forgets to put deodorant in his show box.

Katie always keeps makeup wipes.

Hannah has a laptop to work on homework or to watch Netflix.

Brooke keeps a roll of wire to put up panels and such.

What is an unconventional item that you always keep in your show box?

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